The Complete Collection from the
Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute
Available on a single USB-3 Flash Drive

This is a complete mirror of the website as of March, 2017 on a convenient, portable, and fast 64Gb USB-3 flash drive. The mirror includes an exact copy of the entire contents of the “public” website with almost 5,000 distinct entries overall, including

    • 2,000 audio recordings (mp3)
    • 600 powerpoint lectures with audio
    • 600 acrobat pdf documents,
    • 1700 web pages (htm)
    • 100 full-length books and IBRI research reports.

The material touches on many areas of science and theology.

Selected documents are available in Arabic, Chinese (traditional and simplified scripts), French, German, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish.

A contents page lists the entire contents by author or by title, viewable off-line, so that the mirror is fully functional without requiring web access.

The contents include lectures and writings of the founding faculty of Biblical Theological Seminary, an evangelical Christian seminary, as well as selected lectures and writings of colleagues and associates of Biblical Seminary and of IBRI.

For a list of titles, see contents.

This collection does not include the Kindle ebooks which are available separately from Amazon. See the listing and purchase information at   IBRI PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE AS KINDLE eBOOKS

The mirror is available for $70 postpaid worldwide, and may be purchased here:

All contents are copyrighted and IBRI certifies that they may be used for private, non-commercial use. For other uses or for any queries, please e-mail at:

IBRI would like to make this mirror available for use by Christian workers who work in places that lack high-speed internet. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to this project, you may make a contribution here.

Thank you for your support.