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1. The Biblical Narratives of Easter Week: Are They Trustworthy? 
23 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-01-7. The positive side of a debate at Cornell University (whole debate is on cassette #IRN-02). Arguments against the miraculous examined; NT documents compared with other ancient histories; corroboration with pagan and Jewish authors.  
Robert C. Newman 1980 76k
NT Model of Messiah (Arabic)(Arabic translation) Acrobat PDF version  Word Version
Robert C. Newman 1980 4.4Mb
1C. Biblical Narratives of Easter Week(Chinese translation) Acrobat PDF version
Robert C. Newman 1980, 1999
1Cs. Biblical Narratives of Easter Week(Chinese Simplified) Acrobat PDF version
Microsoft Word Version.  Note: The htm is jpeg images and does not require a Chinese font.
Robert C. Newman 1980, 1999
1F. Les Récits Bibliques de la Semaine de Pâques: Sont-ils Fiables?    (French Translation) Robert C. Newman 1980, 1997
1G. Die Biblischen Erzählungen Der Osterwoche: Sind Sie Glaubwürdig?   
Übersetzt von Birgit Meyr Carmichael  (German Translation)    [ pdf format   ]
Robert C. Newman 1980, 1999 114k
1R. Biblical Narratives of Easter Week  Robert C. Newman 1980, 1999 114k
1S. ¿SON DIGNOS DE CONFIANZA LOS RELATOS DE LA SEMANA DE PASCUA?  (Spanish Translation) [pdf format  doc format]
Robert C. Newman 1980, 1997 139k
2. The Synoptic Problem: A Proposal for Handling Both Internal and External Evidence 
23 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-01-7. The positive side of a debate at Cornell University (whole debate is on cassette #IRN-02). Arguments against the miraculous examined; NT documents compared with other ancient histories; corroboration with pagan and Jewish authors.
Robert C. Newman 1980, 1990 47k
RR02-Arabic Title(Arabic) Acrobat PDF  Word docx
Robert C. Newman 1980, 1990 336k
3. Demystifying the Controversy over the Textus Receptus and the King James Version of the Bible .
26 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-03-3. The main arguments used by TR-KJV proponents are seen to be fallacious; the KJV and TR suffer from the same "problems'' as the Alexandrian text and its modern translations. Some factors lying behind the heated advocacy of the TR-KJV are suggested.
Douglas S. Chinn,
Robert C. Newman
1980, 1990 81k
4. The Census of Quirinius: The Historicity of Luke 2:1-5
12 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-04-1. Critics have objected to nearly every statement in Luke 2:1-5. The critical view is analyzed, especially Quirinius' association with this census. A false correlation between Luke's narrative and a later census seems to be the problem.
Ronald L. Marchant 1980 36k
5. Are the Bibles in Our Possession Inspired? Two Studies on the Inspiredness of the Autographs.
30 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-05-X.Various views of biblical inspiration are sketched, and the Bible is seen to support the organic view. How does inspiration apply to copies beyond the autographs? A quality of 'inspiredness,' the result of inspiration, is present in the copies to the extent they approximate the autographs. One can thus properly claim to preach the Word of God today.  NOTE: See Report #52 below for a revised and updated presentation of this report.
Robert J. Dunzweiler 1981 80k
RR05-Arabic(Arabic) Acrobat PDF  Word docx Robert J. Dunzweiler 1981 492k
6, The New Testament Model of the Messiah.
12 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-06-8. Various attempts were made in the centuries following the completion of the Old Testament to understand its teachings regarding the coming Messiah. Models constructed by the rabbis, the sect at Qumran, the writers of the apocalyptic literature and the New Testament are here compared with the Old Testament data to show the striking superiority of the NT model in fitting certain paradoxical features. 
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988 28k
NT Model of Messiah (Arabic)(Arabic translation) Acrobat PDF version  Word Version
Robert C. Newman

6C. New Testament Model of the Messiah (Chinese)(Chinese translation) Acrobat PDF version
Microsoft Word Version. Note: The htm is jpeg images and does not require a Chinese font.
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988
6Cs. New Testament Model of the Messiah (Chinese)(Chinese Simplified) Acrobat PDF version
Microsoft Word Version.  Note: The htm is jpeg images and does not require a Chinese font.
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988
6F. Les Modèle du Messie Présenté dans le Nouveau Testament    (French Translation)
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1997
6G. Das Neutestamentliche Modell Des Messias    (German Translation)
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1997
        [.pdf format   ]
    (Russian Translation)
Robert C. Newman 2000 147k
6S. EL MODELO DEL MESÍAS EN EL NUEVO TESTAMENTO (Spanish Translation) [.pdf format]
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1997
7. The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer 
20 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-07-6. Strengths and weaknesses of Schaeffer's apologetic approach are analyzed. Criticisms of Schaeffer are discussed. Though Schaeffer's diagnoses sometimes miss their targets, he brings us face to face with the need of working for a culturally-deep Christianity.
David P. Hoover 1981 71k
8. The Rapture: Is It Before or After the Tribulation 
15 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-08-4. A fresh study of the relationship of dispensationalism to the rapture question, the nature of the tribulation, the doctrine of imminency, the NT evidence of eschatological chronology, and a post-tribulational proposal.
Randall A. Grossman 1981 54k
8A.     The Rapture (Arabic)   (Arabic Translation)   PDF Version   Word Version

Randall A. Grossman 1981 54k
9. The Time of the Messiah  Related Lecture.
12 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-09-2. The historical sources from the first two centuries AD indicate that the period was a time when the Messiah was expected to appear in fulfillment of some OT prophecy, probably Daniel 9:24-27. The classic calculation of Sir Robert Anderson faces some serious difficulties, but these may be resolved by taking the "weeks" of this prophecy to be the OT seven- year land use cycle. The result points to Jesus as the fulfillment of this prophecy. 
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988 27k
Time of the Messiah (Arabic)(Arabic translation) Acrobat PDF version  Word Version
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988 1.7Mb
9C. New Testament Model of the Messiah (Chinese)(Chinese translation) Acrobat PDF version
Microsoft Word Version.
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988
9Cs. New Testament Model of the Messiah (Chinese)(Chinese Simplified) Acrobat PDF version
Microsoft Word Version.
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1988
Le Temps du Messie   (French Translation)
Traduit de l'americain par Sophie Thiery        [.pdf format   ]
Robert C. Newman 1997 37k
9G. Die Zeit des Messias    (German Translation)
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1997
9R. The time of the Messiah    (Russian Translation)
Robert C. Newman 1981, 1997
La Era Del Mesías    (Spanish Translation)
       [.pdf format   ]
Las fuentes historicas de los dos primeros siglos de la era cristiana indican que este fué un período  en el que se anticipaba el cumplimiento de algunas profecías del Antiguo Testamento, en particular la de  Daniel 9:24-27.  Los cálculos clásicos de Sir Robert Anderson presentan dificultades serias, pero estas pueden resolverse interpretando las “semanas” de esta profecía  como los siete años del ciclo sabático del Antiguo Testamento.  El resultado  señala a Jesús como el cumplimiento de esta profecía.
Robert C. Newman 1997 37k
10. Information and Order in the Universe: How Much is There? 
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-10-6. Secular models for the origin of life are probed, reviewing some fundamental concepts of mathematical probability and information theory and applying these concepts to recent findings in genetics. Limits to human knowledge discovered in this century and the effect of these limits on the secular viewpoint are also discussed.
David C. Bossard 1982 71k
Time of the Messiah (Arabic)(Arabic translation) Acrobat PDF version  Word Version
David C. Bossard 1982 487k
11. For the Sake of Argument: A Critique of the Logical Structure of Van Til's Presuppositionalism 
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-10-6. Presuppositional apologetics is evaluated by examining its logical structure in the writings of Cornelius Van Til. After identifying the virtual canonical status which the presuppositionalists accord their own position, the Van Tilian apologetic is tested on its own terms.
David P. Hoover 1982 41k
12. A Proposed Creationist Alternative to Evolutionism
33 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-12-2. Biblical and scientific data on God's creative activity are synthesized. Various creationist views are evaluated. The creative events of Genesis 1-2 are sketched, and a time-frame for God's creative activity proposed. The meaning of the biblical "kinds" of created beings is explored. 
Robert J. Dunzweiler 1983 137k
Time of the Messiah (Arabic)(Arabic translation)   Acrobat PDF version  Word Version
Robert J. Dunzweiler 1983 897k
13. The Council of Jamnia and the Canon of the Old Testament
23 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-13-0. Liberal critics theorize that a council held about AD 90 completed the canonization of the Old Testament. Talmudic evidence is surveyed, and no evidence is found for such a council or for binding canonical decisions then. Rather a consensus on the content of the OT existed in the first century AD which was already ancient. 
Robert C. Newman 1983 84k
14. Hosea's Adulterous Wife: A Portrait of Israel 
32 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-14-9. Hosea 3 contains one of the most striking of all biblical prophecies, a detailed prediction of six prominent sociological features which have characterized the Israelite people since their dispersion in AD 70. The prophecy is exegeted and its fulfillment to date is noted.
John A. Bloom 1982 138k
Time of the Messiah (Arabic)(Arabic translation)   Acrobat PDF version  Word Version
John A. Bloom 1982 537k
15. A Critical Examination of Modern Cosmological Theories  Audio Lecture (1982)
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-15-7. Basic scientific data on the nature of the universe are presented: the structure and energy sources of stars, stellar distances, Olber's paradox, galaxies and their redshifts, cosmic distance scales, quasars, and the three-degree blackbody radiation. Various cosmologies, both secular and Christian, are tested by this data.
Robert C. Newman 1982 56k
16. Coral Reefs and Related Carbonate Structures as Indicators of Great Age
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-16-5. Evidence is abundant in the geologic literature that the earth is quite old, though typically overlooked or disregarded by young-earth creationists. Many large, biologically-built, in situ structures are found throughout the world in limestone and dolostone formations, such as modern and ancient coral atolls, the Grand Bahama Bank, and fossilized hardgrounds and stromatolites. 
Daniel E. Wonderly 1983 57k
17. The Open-endedness of Scientific Truth 
9 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-17-3. Scientific truth is not closed but contingent and open. Arguments for this are based upon (1) the relevance of Gödel's theorem to scientific theorizing; (2) the concreteness of nature; and (3) the fact that both cosmic and biological evolution lead to the emergence of new structures characterized by greater complexity. The implications of this and a theological justification for the open-endedness of all truth are given.
W. Jim Neidhardt 1983 73k
18. Personal Knowledge: A Communication-Oriented Model of Exploration and Discovery
18 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-18-1. Michael Polanyi's epistemology of science is presented along with some communication-oriented models of scientific exploration. Scientific knowledge is seen to have a personal component, the structure of which is shared with other human activities such as art, philosophy and religion. 
W. Jim Neidhardt 1983 206k
19. A Critique of Carl Sagan's TV Series and Book "Cosmos"  Related Lecture.
21 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-19-X. Sagan's 'Cosmos' is evangelism for secular humanism. His treatment of Christianity is critiqued, as are his oscillating big-bang cosmology and naturalistic view of the origin of life. There is evidence for making a rational choice between worldviews.
Robert C. Newman 1984 54k
20. The Participatory Nature of Modern Science and Judaic-Christian Theism 
14 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-20-3. Detachment has been the norm for scientific objectivity, even though creative researchers often ignore its rules, guided by passions such as rational beauty, unity and simplicity. Recent developments in philosophy of science, quantum physics and cosmology have also weakened this approach, for the scientist now appears to be an active participant with the universe.
W. Jim Neidhardt 1984 81k
21. Some Perspectives on the Image of God in Man from Biblical Theology
20 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-21-1. Using Vern Poythress' perspectival hermeneutics (Symphonic Theology, 1987), we see that man as created in God's image is taught in hundreds of Biblical passages rather than just the few which use the words "image" or "likeness." An exciting approach for presenting doctrinal theology to laymen. 
Robert C. Newman 1984 48k
 (Spanish Translation)   PDF Version   Word Version
Robert C. Newman
22. Gordon Clark's Extraordinary View of Men & Things
19 pp, $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-22-X. Gordon Clark was an uncommon presuppositionalist. After 1968, he increasingly stressed the complete impossibility of empirically acquired knowledge, claiming that only the Bible can be known, and that all observation-based truth-claims and inductive arguments are logically worthless for apologetic purposes. 
David P. Hoover 1984 66k
23. Evolution-Religion and the Genesis Account  Related Lecture
26 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0944788-23-8. In McLean vs Arkansas leaders of several mainline denominations opposed teaching creation in public schools. We suggest this opposition was theological since these leaders advocate an evolu tion-religion known as theological liberalism. Liberalism's treatment of the Genesis account is sketched, as are evidences this approach is mistaken.
Robert C. Newman 1984 45k
24. The Return of Christ: Interpreting Revelation by its Allusions   PDF version (3.8 Mb)
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0944788-24-6. Revelation is the most difficult book in the NT, yet it is filled with OT allusions which are especially helpful in understanding it. The use of such allusions for interpretation is illustrated in Rev. 19:11-21. These allusions, plus other contextual considerations, support a premillennial eschatology.
Robert C. Newman 1985 30k
25. Regeneration & Indwelling in the Old Testament 
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-25-4. Were OT believers regenerated and indwelt by the Holy Spirit? Recent opinion on this question is examined. Tighter definitions of these ministries are proposed. It is argued that all OT believers experienced these ministries in some sense.
Robert J. Dunzweiler 1985 48k
26. Finding Truth in Religion: Is There a Factual Basis? 
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-25-4. Given the number of religions being propogated, can we determine which, if any, are warranted by evidence? A simple test proposed by the Bible allows anyone to distinguish truth from error quickly and effectively, giving an objective foundation for Christianity.
John A. Bloom 1985 44k
RR26 (Arabic)  (Arabic) Acrobat PDF  Word docx John A. Bloom 1985 291k
27. Creation & Capron's Explanatory Interpretation (c. 1902): A Literature Search 
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-25-4. English scientist Hugh Capron's analysis of Genesis 1 gave rise to a new approach compatible with science. Genesis teaches that God's commands were fulfilled over long periods of time, rather than on the days on which they were issued.
Dallas E. Cain 1986 107k
28. Faith: The Unrecognized Partner of Science & Religion 
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-25-4. Faith is an integral component of both scientific and religious understanding, as illustrated by examples from the history and practice of science. Implications are discussed for the interrelations between science, religion and society.
W. Jim Neidhardt 1986 79k
29. Exodus 6:3 and Patriarchal Knowledge of the Name "YHWH"
22 pp, $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-25-4. Exodus 6:3 has frequently been read as teaching that the patriarchs had no knowledge of the name "YHWH" before the time of Moses. This interpretation became one of the foundations for the critical subdivision of the Pentateuch into contradictory sources, usually known as J, E, D and P. Here several alternative interpretations are examined. An early textual error seems to be the best explanation.
John L. Ronning 1986 15k
30. Epistemic Bad Faith and Mere Knowledge 
19 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-30-0. A major preoccupation in the history of western philosophy has been the theory of knowledge: How does one know? If one cannot prove what one claims to know, does one really know? Does knowing imply knowing that one knows? How is human neurophysiology related to knowledge and perception? It is suggested that man has been designed epistemically for the environment God placed him in.
David P. Hoover 1986 52k
31. Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt: Logical Deduction and the Reasoning Process  Related Audio.
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. Computer scientists in the 1960s thought that it was just a matter of time before the human reasoning processs was understood. Today, they are not so sure! Some results from artificial intelligence are reviewed. Reasons are given why the human reasoning process remains elusive. Some suggestions are given on the nature of proof as practiced in the Bible and theology.
David C. Bossard 1986 81k
32. Erasmus, His Greek Test, and His Theology
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. Veneration for Erasmus' Greek text seems proportional to ignorance of its history. Erasmus' production of his text is examined and reasons given why revision is necessary. The argument that Westcott & Hort's text is unreliable because of their heterodox theology is examined; Erasmus' theology is shown to be more heterodox than theirs. 
Douglas K. Kutilek 1986, 1995 53k
33. Charles Darwin: the Man and the Myth  Related Lecture
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. Darwin was not the originator of the theory of evolution, but he did give it scientific respectability. The explosive impact of the Origin of Species was partly a pent-up reaction to the biblical worldview of the Great Awakening, partly the effective combination of Huxley as fighter and Darwin as quiet background thinker.
Allan A. MacRae 1986 29k
34. Unleavened Bread & the Dedication of the Firstborn: The Literary Structure of Exodus 13:1-16
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. When biblical passages have repetitive portions difficult to harmonize, source-critics see a blundering editor piecing together traditions, while the literary school "reads between the lines" to find a profound stylistic reason. Here, in a typical enigmatic passage, such difficulties are better resolved by noting the author's concern for an economy of words. 
John A. Bloom 1987 29k
35. Synoptic Harmonization: Some Principles from History and the Book of Acts 
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. Problems in harmonizing parallel passages are often raised against inerrancy in Scripture. Here, principles from history and history writing, and parallel passages in a single author suggest why and how we should harmonize.
Robert C. Newman 1987 65k
36. Self-Reproducing Automata and the Origin of Life  Related lecture.
24 pp. $2.50. ISBN 0-944788-31-9. The minimal complexity for life is considered, assuming that living things are merely self-reproducing automata. Mathematical models for such automata are briefly reviewed, and Langton's very simple model is described in detail. The complexity of his automaton suggests that life is designed rather than accidental.
Robert C. Newman 1987 56k

German translation pdf document
Unter der Annahme, daß das einfachste Lebewesen ein sich selbst reproduzierendes Automaton darstellt, wird die kleinste Komplexi tät untersucht, die für Leben notwendig ist. Es werden in kurzer Form die Arbeiten von von Neumann, Codd und Langton vorgestellt, wobei Langtons äußerst einfaches sich selbst-reproduzierendes Automaton im einzelnen beschrieben wird. Die Komplexität von Langtons Automaton weist stark darauf hin, daß Leben nicht zufäl lig entstanden ist, sondern vielmehr einem Plan entspringt.
Robert C. Newman 1987 56k
37. The Status of Evolution as a Scientific Theory  
13 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-37-8. Evolution is frequently called a fact by its proponents. Here various common definitions of "evolution'' are considered, and the evidential status of each is evaluated.
1990 26k
38. Logic and the Thinking Christian 
13 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-37-8. To help both Christians and non-Christians, ten questions are addressed with classical logic. A set of crucial uncluttered arguments, these ten must be consciously refuted in order to reach different conclusions from those given.
Bruce D. McLaughlin 1990 50k
39. Jesus: The Testimony of Prophecy and History  Powerpoint of this talk.
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. Several Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah are examined. It is suggested that: (1) if the Messiah has come he is Jesus; (2) the Messiah has come. 
Robert C. Newman 1990 32k
39A. Jesus: Testimony of Prophecy (Arabic Translation)   PDF Version   Word Version
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. Several Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah are examined. It is suggested that: (1) if the Messiah has come he is Jesus; (2) the Messiah has come. 
Robert C. Newman 1990 32k
La evidencia es  sustancial; y que apoya dos proposiciones: (1) Si el mes’as ha venido, Žl es Jesœs de Nazaret; y (2) el mes’as ha venido.  Veamos.
Robert C. Newman 1990 45k
40. Are the Days of Genesis Longer than 24 Hours? The Bible Says "Yes!" 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-40-8. Biblical evidence that the "days" of Genesis were longer than 24 hours: (1) the usage of the terms translated "day", "morning", and "evening"; (2) the narrative of activities on the sixth day in Genesis 2.
Perry G. Phillips 1991 19k

¿Son los días del Génesis de más de 24 horas?  La Biblia dice que "SÍ". (Spanish Translation of RR 40).
Other formats: PDF (172 Kb) Word (docx) (41 Kb).

Perry G. Phillips 1991 70k
41. The Continuing Relevance of Divine Law 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. A study of the law of God as a rule of life. Biblical evidence is examined to show: (1) a distinction exists between the law of God, the law of Moses, and the law of Christ; (2) the law of Christ is binding for believers today.
Fred G. Zaspel 1991, 1997 61k
42. God's Law, Creation Law: Social Theory vs. Brute Fact  Related Lecture.
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. How do God's laws in Scripture relate to the laws that govern his creation? We suggest that many of the laws and admonitions of Scripture, though viewed by the world as optional, arbitrary, and candidates for social experiment, are essential laws laid down during creation and necessary to maintain its stability and well-being. These laws form a basis for Christian involvement in secular institutions that is consistent with the constitutional separation of church and state.
David C. Bossard 1995 120k
43. Hindsight Translation of Genesis One 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. In hindsight the time is right for a first-ever update to the science in our English translations of Genesis 1. The problems are localized in the four stages pertaining to our environment. Changes are drawn from respectable literature on Genesis 1, and are all within the latitude of the Hebrew text.
Dallas E. Cain 1996 77k
44. Genesis 11 and Archaeological Evidence for Paleolithic Man 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. There are important reasons for attempting to see Genesis 11 and archaelogical data from Paleolithic peoples as compatible with each other. Abundant archaeological evidences for such people inhabiting both the Americas and Europe more than 10,000 years ago are surveyed, and it is suggested that these fit between the disastrous judgment of Babel and the birth of Abraham. Archaeological evidences for the true humanity of Neanderthal man are presented.
Daniel E. Wonderly 1996 94k
45. Westcott & Hort vs. Textus Receptus: Which is Superior? 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. What constitutes a superior text for the New Testament? Is it not one which is closer to the original autographs than another? The text of Westcott and Hort and the Textus Receptus are characterized, and then evaluated by various tests.
Douglas Kutilek 1996 33k
46. Sharp Points: God's Conspiracy to Evangelize the Inquiring Mind 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. God loves the inquiring mind, as the supreme activity that reflects the image of God placed in humans at creation. But the modern world of ideas is in turmoil, as many recent book titles indicate, e.g., The Death of Common Sense, The Age of Extremes, The End of Science. These and many similar books point to crises which are both self-inflicted wounds of 20th-century pride and also goads "hard to kick against" placed by God to remind a doggedly secular world of his presence, active interest in Creation, and the truth of biblical claims about humanity and the Creation order.
David C. Bossard 1990 111k
47. Meteorites and the Maker's Mortar for Earth and Ocean
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. There is widespread scientific agreement (fitting Gen 1:2) that the early earth was covered by water. Some meteorites contain significant amounts of water, especially carbonaceous chondrites. When such meteorites are subjected to extreme shock as occurs on impact, they give up their water and other volatiles, so that the early Earth, which formed from an accretion process, acquired a hydrous atmosphere and magma ocean. As the earth cooled off, the water condensed to form an ocean. Ultimately this water was also used in the formation of the earth beneath our feet. 
Matt L. Mccullough 1999 29k
48. Hope, Language and the Brain 
12 pp. $2.00. ISBN 0-944788-39-4. In contrast with Christianity, both eastern mysticism and western secular humanism deny the reality of cosmic hope, the former by denying human individuality and the latter by attempting to "naturalize" human death. Christianity on the other hand, insists death is a curse. Here we seek to explain the character of a hope that addresses this curse, how this is connected with linguistic competence and personal historical meaning, Two lines of research are discussed: (1) the distribution of cognitive labor in the brain, and (2) the cognitive architecture of the brain that best fits the requirements of emotion-charged information states like rational hopefulness.
David P. Hoover 1999 88k
49. A Physicist Looks at Creation Day One    Related Audio.
 A physicist looking at the Bible's description of Creation Day One can see a remarkable agreement with the modern physicistâs story of how matter was created. This report describes that story, why physicists believe their creation story is close to correct, and where some secular physicists may differ from the Bible's statements about creation.
David C. Bossard 2000 69k
50. The Chemical Building Blocks of Life   Related Lecture.
The laws of physics and chemistry are so right that they seem to be designed to support life. Water, carbon, nitrogen and other elements have just the right properties. Subtle electronic forces are able to carry out the life functions spontaneously, given rightly configured molecules. The temperature is right. Creation is fit to support a living cell. Now on to the actual building of life. In this talk, we look at the construction plan for all living cells to see how it is done. Why is it done this way? Is another way possible (yes!)? How hard would it be to build another kind of life? By considering these matters, we can gain an appreciation of how complex the task of creating life is, and begin to face the problems inherent in the view that life is a random product of undirected natural causes.
David C. Bossard 2001 273k
51. A Fit Place to Live: Creation of the Biosphere   Related Audio.
The universe was designed to make a place for humans to live. In an earlier talk we saw that it took about 10 billion years after the creation of the universe to prepare the ingredients to form the sun and the earth, and that in this process there are many indications of careful design that anticipate human habitation. This talk picks up at that point and looks at the next 4 billion years, and how the earth was made ready for the arrival of complex life - plants and animals - about 600 million years ago. We will see how microbial life figured in this preparation, and discuss the problems that the fossil record of this early life pose to natural evolution
David C. Bossard 2001,
52. A Re-Presentation of "Are the Bibles in Our Possession Inspired?"  Following a descriptive definition of the doctrine of inspiration, the biblical bases for the doctrine are presented, and necessary qualifications proposed.  The concept is then lodged within the wider framework of revelation, and the applicability of inspiration beyond the autographs is considered.  It is proposed that a quality of inspiredness, the result of the act of inspiration, inheres in the apographs to the extent that they faithfully approximate the autographs.  The practical consideration of the nature of the biblical text as we have it today is sketched by following the text through seven stages from God's revelation of the Word to its proclamation, noting possible sources of error.  It is concluded that we may properly speak of proclaiming God's Word today.
NOTE: This is a revised and updated presentation of Report #5 above.
Elaine A. Phillips  2004  80k
RR52 (Arabic) (Arabic)  PDF Version   Word docx Elaine A. Phillips  2004  369k
53. Geology Before Darwin: The Struggle to Find and Defend the Truth about the Earth's Past   Related Audio.
 The Golden age of geology bloomed in the decades just prior to Darwinâs 1859 Origin of the Species. Geologists could read for the first time the details of how God created a place for mankind. Opposition came both from religious leaders and from secular opponents who saw their cherished notions challenged. The opposition was answered by painstakingly careful argument, which by the time of Darwin was seen by some prominent geologists to give strong evidence of Godâs hand at work. After Darwin, though, this evidence in favor of a creator largely vanished from mainstream geology. In this talk we will discuss the state of geology just prior to Darwin and then ask whether the conclusions reached at that time were valid and why they disappeared from the literature after 1859.
David C. Bossard 2003 228k
54. Pre-Cambrian Carbon: Implications for the Genesis One Account of Creation  Although geological evidence for green vegetation in the pre-Cambrian period is rare it does exist unequivocally in the form of anthracite, which is derived only from such vegetation. This indicates that green vegetation was present on the Earth's surface during this geological period. Other pre-Cambrian carbon deposits are also critically discussed. Some possible types of pre-Cambrian green vegetation are then described and the whole linked with the Genesis one account.

Clifford M. Marsh  2004  80k
55. The Rise and Fall of Scientific Naturalism  Related Lecture.
Scientific naturalism is the view that our world is wholly a result of natural processes that can be explained by ordinary science, without the need to postulate intervention by a Creator. There have always been those who held this view, but with Copernicus and the rise of modern science, it came to be the common view among scientists, and was dominant by 1900. However in recent years, science has uncovered ever stronger evidence of design embedded in the very fabric of the natural universe, in the geological record of Earth’s history, and in the nature of life itself. This talk summarizes the evidence that led to the rise of scientific naturalism, and how discoveries of science have challenged that view in recent years and decades.

David C. Bossard
 2005  200k
Rumors of Angels: Using ID to Detect Malevolent Spiritual Agents Most discussions of God's action in nature since about 1900 have ignored angelic activity, perhaps in reaction to White's History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom. Here we take another look at the biblical data on angels, and then consider what scientific data might be relevant in the light of recent interest in intelligent design.
Robert C. Newman
The Stones Cry Out : How Early Christian Geologists  Enlarged their Understanding of the Creation Account.  Related Lecture. 
The development of modern geology in the early 1800s challenged traditional Biblical interpretation in a way that no other  advance in science had. Over the centuries, there had been many philosophical challenges to Biblical revelation -- the nascent higher  criticism of the Biblical text, and many Christian and secular world  views as (then) recent examples -- but these are all based on  philosophical particulars that cannot be refuted objectively. Never before had such an extensive, sustained and comprehensive assault on tradition been fortified with such an abundance of irrefutable  factual data, which could be tested and affirmed by all, even those  with radically clashing world views. How, then, did devout Christians process this challenge? This paper describes the responses of a number of contemporary writers who held firmly to the divine inspiration of the Biblical text -- including prominent British and American  geologists and theologians of the period.
David C. Bossard 2006 168k
Recent Transitions in Natural Theology.Natural theology pursues knowledge of God based on public evidence accessible to all persons by virtue of our shared human endowments of reason and sense perception.  For millennia, natural theology has supported merely generic theism.  However, five new projects in natural theology are more ambitious, pursuing distinctively Christian theism.  They concern church witness, Bible prophecy, Bible narrative, Trinitarian metaphysics, and Christ's resurrection.  These projects can be combined in a strong cumulative case, although it is also important to have individual projects that singly carry great evidential weight.  The case for reported miracles, which are so essential in the Biblical worldview, is strategically strengthened by empirical evidence for testable miracles.  Several open questions are discussed that merit further exploration.  A bolder natural theology has important implications for Christian apologetics.  The most pressing motivation for developing an enriched natural theology is to provide better support for Christian revealed theology. Hugh G. Gauch, Jr.
When is the Resurrection of the Just?  Will Christians go through the period known as the Great Tribulation? If so, predictions to that effect in the Scriptures will serve to warn us to be prepared and will provide that we may be strengthened by the knowledge that this is part of the detailed plan of our Lord. If Christians will not go through the Great Tribulation, it will be comforting to know it. Surely, the Lord has permitted His people to suffer at times in the past and we have no right to suppose ourselves any better than they. We can only know what is in store for the Lord's people, therefore, by specific revelation on this subject. It is our prayer that the Lord will bless this effort to understand the Scriptures pertinent to this question.  Also available as Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word documents. Herman J. Eckelmann
Revised by
Perry G. Phillips
 When is the resurrection (Arabic) (Arabic Translation)   Acrobat pdf    Microsoft Word Herman J. Eckelmann
Revised by
Perry G. Phillips

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